Quality in the Focus:
High Quality Components.

Metal Frames

Precisely manufactured metal frames are the central structural part in many of our products. When designing the frame for a shower enclosure, shower cabin or bathtub, we equally pay highest attention to durability, safety and aesthetics. The wall thickness over every metal component has been designed to exceed minimum requirements.

The pipes for all frames are formed, welded, cut, drilled and receive their surface finish in-house. Each component is exactly manufactured to our customers’ specifications.


At Decobay we produce all major hardware parts for our shower enclosures and shower cabins in-house. This shortens the development time of new designs and puts full quality control in our hands.

All wheels and wheel bearings for our sliding doors have been carefully tested and selected to ensure a long product life. In our in-house quality control facilities, every component undergoes strict functional and chemical tests. Chromed parts have to pass extensive acid salt spray testing. Mechanical parts, such as door hinges and handles, undergo long-term fatigue testing.

Tempered Glass

Glass represents the main components of our shower enclosures and shower cabins. Besides functional requirements, all glass parts have to meet our strict quality and safety standards as well as allow easy cleaning and maintenance.

In our state-of-the-art glass processing facilities, we cut, polish and temper all glasses in-house. This allows us producing glasses exactly to our customers' specifications and puts full quality control in our hands.

Strict quality control routines make sure that every glass meets CCC and European BS6206-A standards.


All electronic components used in our steam shower cabins and massage bathtubs are carefully tested and selected to meet strict quality and safety standards. We closely cooperate with our partners to provide our customers with state-of-the-art components combining convenient every day usage and reliable functionality.

Shower Bases & Bathtubs

In our in-house compound components workshop, we produce all shower bases and shells for our bathtubs and massage bathtubs. The whole production process is carefully monitored from heating up the raw materials until the finished bathtub or shower base leaves our workshops. A purpose-built drying tunnel provides us with full control over the sensitive cooling and hardening process.

All components have to pass strict quality checks before moving on to the assembly lines where they are being fitted with reliable support frames and other components.

Decobay stands for attention to quality.
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