Decobay's production facilities in Anji, China

Modern Production Facilities:
The Basis for Constantly High Quality.

When we started planning for our production facilities in Anji, China we made a commitment. A commitment that has been one of the guiding principles in all our activities ever since:

A commitment to quality.

At Decobay we are convinced that only strictly controlling the quality of every single manufacturing process can eventually produce a product of high quality. Extensive investments in production equipment and quality control provide Decobay with a competitive edge over its competitors.

At our production base in Anji, China, we produce all major components in-house. Unlike most of our competitors, we process and temper our own glasses, manufacture hardware components straight from raw materials and form our own plastic and compound material components.

Our centralized production layout puts all control in our hands. It enables us to put our customers' requirements straight into production.

Impressions from Decobay's glass processing facilities


Impressions from Decobay's aluminum processing facilities


Impressions from Decobay's hardware workshop


More impressions from Decobay's production facilities


Humans in the focus.

We are convinced that only with a motivated workforce and positive working environment, quality products can be produced. When designing our new production facilities we paid attention to creating a modern, encouraging and light working environment.


Entrance hall of Decobay's office and management building

All our employees enjoy the benefits of factory own dining and leisure facilities, such as basketball and indoor table tennis. Our factory own apartment building provides our workforce with air conditioned accommodation.

We see our motivated, highly skilled and loyal workforce as a key factor for Decobay's future development.


Left to right: factory own restaurant, leisure and apartment building

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