Complete Solution:
Full Quality Control.

Decobay understands that reliable products of constantly high quality are the basis for beneficial cooperation and long-term success. When setting up our production facilities, it was obvious that the only way to achieve the desired quality level was to control the whole production process ourselves. Having to rely on as few as possible external suppliers allows us to apply a high level of attention to every detail, just as our customers require.

Glass Processing and Tempering In-house

All glasses used in our shower enclosures and cabins are processed in our own in-house glass workshop. We do not have to rely on the quality controls of external glass manufacturers when it comes to cutting and tempering our glasses. This does not only allow us responding quicker to our customers’ requests but also put the quality control in our hands.

A team of trained quality control engineers, modern testing equipment and direct contact with our customers allow Decobay to maintain a consistently high quality level.

Metal & Hardware Workshop

Our products are based on durable metal frames and hardware. When it comes to achieving long product lifetime and optimal using comfort, no compromises can be made on the quality of materials selected, structural design, material processing and quality control

At Decobay we produce our own metal frames and metal hardware. We do not have to rely on hardware suppliers and their testing standards. Producing all major metal parts for our shower enclosures and shower cabins in-house provides us with full control over all technical specifications and quality standards.

Our in-house hardware workshop ensures that all hardware used on our products meets our customers’ design and quality requirements. Not having to rely on external hardware suppliers and their development speed enables us to finish new product designs as well as realize our customers’ design requirements within a shorter development time than usual.

Thermoforming & Compound Materials Workshop

Our shower bases and bathtubs are manufactured in-house. Careful material selection as well as extensive quality control during and at the end of the production process applies to every single component manufactured. In conjunction with our in-house metal workshop, our engineers develop reliable bathtubs and shower bases which meet our international customers’ high standards.

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