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History and Future of Decobay.

"Decobay" is a registered trademark and the signature brand of Zhejiang Cobo Technology Development Co.,Ltd..

In 2007 the founders of Zhejiang Cobo Technology Development Co.,Ltd. knew that the right path for successful future development was to concentrate on the production of reliable and durable sanitary ware. Extensive investments in production facilities and equipment as well as a positive working environment created the basis for Decobay's business activities.

2007 marks not only the start of a new era but also created the basis of what Decobay now stands for: reliable products of constantly high quality, extensive research and development, strict quality control and close cooperation with our international customers.

State of the art production facilties

When we set up our current production facilities back in 2007, there was not just the need for more space to supply a constantly growing customer base. In order to deliver high quality products, we knew centralizing the production of all major components was the key to achieve our goals.

Decobay produces all major components in-house. Company own metal and hardware workshops, glass processing and tempering facilities, thermoforming and compound material workshops as well as extensive quality control facilities set Decobay apart from its competitors.

Extensive in-house quality control and research

A team of experienced research and development engineers in conjunction with in-house production of all major components enable Decobay to develop new designs and realize our customer's design requests within a shorter time than most of our competitors.

Professional modern quality control equipment and a team of highly trained QC technicians make sure that all our products do not just meet international standards but exceed them.

Motivated workforce

At Decobay we understand that only a motivated and positive workforce will allow us to deliver products of constantly high quality and reaching our ambitious goals. Our company-own apartments, restaurant as well as sports and leisure facilities are available for all our employees.

Professional sanitary ware buyers from around the world trust Decobay. We understand the importance of close collaboration to achieve our mutual goals. We are motivated to take on your business challenges and provide you with quality products which do not just meet but exceed your expectations.

Decobay stands for close cooperation and a mutually beneficial partnership.
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